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Integrated, Comprehensive Slavic studies

The Institute of Slavic Philology offers an integrated, comprehensive Slavic Studies program encompassing linguistics, literature, and cultural studies and including courses on regional studies and intermediality. Students choose a specialty as the degree program progresses.

We offer courses in all major Slavic languages

Comprehensive Slavic Studies means that we offer courses in nearly all the major Slavic languages: students can choose Russian, Czech, Polish, Croatian/Serbian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian as a main language of study. In the elective modules this list also includes two further languages, Slovenian and Slovakian. This wide range of languages applies to the specialized courses of studies in linguistics, literature, and cultural studies, where students can complete modules or parts of modules with a focus on their respective Slavic language.

Main Focus Areas

Special areas of focus are the fields of Ukrainian Studies and Balkan philology as well as the strongly intercultural and media-oriented literary studies. Here the Slavic Institute collaborates closely with the Institute of Comparative Literature.


The Institute of Slavic Philology is also the home of the M.A. Elite Graduate Program for East European Studies. The fact that the Slavic Philology in Munich is interconnected with the Slavic Philologies in Salzburg and Zürich is worth emphasising, especially with regard to the strong and continuous dialogue between their PhD students.


In addition, the institute is home to a series of academic journals, namely: Die Welt der Slaven, the Slavistischen Beiträge, Sagners Slavistische Sammlungen, Wiener Slawistische Almanach and Russian Linguistics all call the institute home.

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