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Riccardo Nicolosi has been Full Professor for Slavic Literatures at the LMU Munich since 2014. A native of Rome, honors graduate of the University La Sapienza, he holds a PhD in Slavic Literatures from the University of Hamburg and a "Habilitation" from the University of Konstanz. He previously taught at the Universities of Konstanz (as an Assistant Professor), Bonn (as a Senior Lecturer), and Bochum (as an Associate Professor). He has been a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley and at several Russian institutions.

Riccardo Nicolosi's research focuses on the literatures and cultures of Russia/Soviet Union and South Eastern Europe (Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia) from 18th - 21st centuries. His last publications explore the rhetorical and narrative interfaces between literature and science, with a specific focus on psychiatry, evolutionary biology, criminology, and on thought experiments in different disciplines. He has also published on the semiotics of urban space (St. Petersburg/Leningrad, Sarajevo), on the construction of national identities (Bosnia, Turkmenistan), as well as on the Stalinist aesthetics. Riccardo Nicolosi is currently working on a book called "Modeling Counterfactual History in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia" as well as on a project on early Soviet adventure literature.

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